Coming Up

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy lately and am going to be even busier in the coming two months so I’m really sorry for my lack of posting! It’s hard to believe junior year is almost over, but it sure is hectic (but fun hectic)! I’ve barely got time to think about stuff other than school, academic commitments, flying between states for competitions, and organizing a large-scale event in my community. So this isn’t a writing-blog post…I’m not really sure what this is…more like a rant / stress reliever? As fun as it is to travel coast-to-coast and do a bunch of organization singlehandedly, it’s super tiring! But it’s weird because it’s a happy kind of tired. Okay I should be studying for my bio quiz…or contacting sponsors…or working on science fair 🙂 ciao for a couple months guys ~pc