A Thousand Dresses

Hi everyone!

So sorry I’ve been so detached from this blog lately, but super excited to announce that my personal essay was just published on Thought Catalog (TC)!

The essay recounts my experience with losing a close friend to child marriage in India. Here’s the link to read it:


Enjoy 🙂 And tell me what you think!




The smoke curls gently around her fingers
Leering around the skin
Pressing at the flesh
Biting away at the soul

Life darts too fast
Hides too quickly
Lies scattered between the dust of the yawning stars
Falls too quickly from the treetops

The candle glows faintly in the darkness
The red fire speckling the tart yellow of the flame
It is a mesmerizing sight
A holy sight

Two hands
Two palms
Lie cupped together
Pressed against each other so deeply, so intimately

The flavor of the smoke begins to fade
Leaving only a pattern of wisps behind
They decorate the palms
Like soft gray henna

Wishes and desires are coiled around the fingers
Tucked into the crevices between them
Wishes are too strong, desires are too deep
But the pale silky texture of the smoke
Never quite leaves the skin untouched

Her head is bowed
Weighed down perhaps by the strength of her own pain
But yet her hands never quite unfold
Never quite mask the wishes she has buried within herself
Only to release them
When she brings the two hands apart

But she will never

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Coming Up

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy lately and am going to be even busier in the coming two months so I’m really sorry for my lack of posting! It’s hard to believe junior year is almost over, but it sure is hectic (but fun hectic)! I’ve barely got time to think about stuff other than school, academic commitments, flying between states for competitions, and organizing a large-scale event in my community. So this isn’t a writing-blog post…I’m not really sure what this is…more like a rant / stress reliever? As fun as it is to travel coast-to-coast and do a bunch of organization singlehandedly, it’s super tiring! But it’s weird because it’s a happy kind of tired. Okay I should be studying for my bio quiz…or contacting sponsors…or working on science fair 🙂 ciao for a couple months guys ~pc